Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't Call This a Pipe Dream!

I recently read some poems written by some new associates of mine, and it woke up the poet in me. It's been years since I have written a poem, but this one came to me easily. I hope you enjoy it.

Gather my tears from East, from West,
From North, from South, wherever they've trekked.
And let them fall in a cleansing rain,
Till all the world is free from pain;

Till every heart is pure and light
And gone is the urge to hate or fight;
And everyone knows the joy of Being
And perfection is all at last we're seeing;

And all illusion just fades away
Truth dawns on us all like break of day;
And everyone knows that Love is all,
And every heart heeds Spirit's call;

And harmony is the rule of living
And everyone is loving and giving;
And the only law is the law of Love
And peace is on earth as it is above.

Don't call it a pipe dream! It can happen.

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