Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What If Average Is Not As Bad As We Think?

Seth Godin says, "In every category, in every profession, half the people are below average.

I never really thought about this. I have always had a somewhat negative association with the word "average". But when you consider it, no matter how good a group of people is in any given metric, half of them will have to fall below average by virtue of being part of a group that is being measured.

Perhaps everyone being measured in any given group is excellent, as in remarkably good. In that case, the standard for average is higher. This is not profound truth. It's just something I don't think is considered often.

It has definitely created a paradigm shift for me. I will no longer look at "average" as necessarily being a negative standard, though I don't know if I'll ever lose my desire to be in the top half whenever possible. Maybe I could learn to cut myself some slack. It's possible.

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