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I came across this article this morning, and it's highly synchronistic as I recently became aware of a sense that I am going through some sort of metamorphosis myself. I don't fully know the meaning of it yet, but I feel a wonderful sense of excitement and anticipation. We are all in process of becoming aware of who we really are, when we are not hindering the process. Enjoy!

Light is Our Very Essence
By Liz Tayla
It is not exclusive to a select few, it is not dependent on position, status or education, it does not discriminate against age, race or creed, it does not depend on past history or present circumstances, all it takes is the choice which you have the right to make with your free will, to recall that Light is Our Very Essence. This enables love to shine through into you and from you, it is a feeling that has no equal.

It is during the process of Metamorphosis, of moving beyond current circumstances and beliefs that you can literally transform and actualize (act on and realize) the true self, your true essence. During this process awareness expands, new insights are gained and so many more moments are consciously chosen - to shift our focus upon the light and enjoy the feelings of joy and harmony it creates. Others feel the warmth radiate from us, our energy is different, enjoyable, lifting us out of chaos and hopelessness into the realms of possibilities and hope.

Moving beyond the limitations of our physical lives takes courage and faith. Courage to withstand the adverse reactions and misunderstandings that lead to conflict, and faith to realize that this process takes time. Your beliefs took you a lifetime to acquire so be easy on yourself when all manner of chaos breaks loose, you are in transition! It will pass; hold on to your faith and stay true to your vision. Even though only part of the picture is clear to you, it will fall into place as a new higher order unfolds.

It is also a process that will provide you with so many deeply fulfilling and rewarding moments, a natural high that is not dependent on anything or anyone outside of you, and as a result can not be taken away.

You begin to realize your ability to create and you begin to discover your unique skills and talents and that putting them to good use helps us all. You remember we are all connected, and our hearts share the same language. Our feelings start being honored instead of feared; they guide us towards integration of mind, body and spirit, into health and prosperity and out of oppression and desperation. We become constructive and less inclined to participate in actions that only lead to destruction.

In time you will have a rock solid foundation upon which to stand, and who you are and why you are here will be so clear that the falls will be minor in comparison to your vision and purpose. Your ability to discern what is and what is not in your best interests will become sharper through the heightened awareness of all of your senses and your increased sensitivity. These are wonderful qualities, they are not to be manipulated, criticized and used against us for someone's gain at our expense. In time you will see how these qualities work in harmony with others and for the benefit of all.

It may take some time for others to see and some may choose not to. The sadness and pain that may be experienced at such times, will in time be replaced with a sense of freedom from all that has tied us to old patterns of behavior, that at best kept us stuck and at worst harmed us.

Unconscious actions and words that do not have the welfare of another at heart, and are used for self gain at someone else's expense, cause so much damage and spread far and wide. This causes so much pain and division from one person to another - even generation to generation - and affects the quality of life for all involved. That is a very strong reason to stay true to your heart's call, as it will make a difference and quite possibly impact in a positive way on current and future generations. That is how important one person's determination is!

We are all making a difference whether we are aware of it or not. What kind of a difference is your choice. It will not always be a walk in the park, however it will lead you out of the dark.

Stay true to your vision and you will overcome the obstacles, the criticisms and all the attempts to bring you back down again - for who does that ultimately serve? Instead you may just cause the ripple in the pond that touches lives in a profound and wonderful way. You will be the source of inspiration and help to lift instead. We could all benefit from that, especially today's children, as their sense of truth is already very sharp.

It is reassuring to think of the difficult encounters in our lives, as shaping us and helping us to realize our strengths, as well as opportunities to work out who we are and who we are not, what we stand for and what we choose to believe and act on.

It is even more satisfying knowing that there comes a time when we finally realize enough is enough, and that the situations and people that brought us to our knees are no longer able to bring us down. They will either change their approach and treat us with the respect we deserve or withdraw, as that dynamic will simply not be entertained, now that your transformation guides you back into the highest expression of yourself.

You will find your confidence and sense of self worth increase and as a result you will attract more situations and people who value you and the contribution you make. A self actualized person is more likely to give, appreciate and honor in turn because they feel fulfilled. They are also more likely to look within, take responsibility and correct themselves, when they have contributed to a conflict.

Focus on all that you love and all that supports you. Take your focus away from what is not right and get back into the light, there is always support there for you. Seek out someone that believes in you, make it a daily choice to have healthy input. Rest, direct your kindness to yourself as well, and explore the things that make you happy. Have some fun along the way, it is all worth it and so are you.

Copyright © Liz Tayla 2007

Liz is an artist and writer based in Melbourne Australia and works with Flower Essences, Thought Field Therapy and Kinergetics. Interests include Metaphysics, Human Behavior, Raja Yoga and Tennis for the physical fitness, fun and sense of wellbeing the outdoor sport brings. Email Liz.

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