Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do It On Purpose

One of the principles that I am reminded of today is living on purpose - choosing actions related to your purpose and choosing to do whatever you do on purpose.

Of course, the more your activities are related to your overall life purpose, the closer you will come to fulfilling that purpose. But there are many things that may not be directly related to your life purpose, and yet contribute to your quality of life.

For example, if you choose to eat on purpose, you might find that you do not need to eat just because it is "meal time". You may not be experiencing hunger at that time. And you may choose to wait until you are experiencing hunger before choosing to eat.

Then, when you do choose to eat, you may find that by paying attention to what you are eating, you can maximize the experience. If you pause for a moment and pay attention to your food, you may find increased pleasure in the experience of your food. Notice the colors and shapes and aroma of your food. Notice and feel grateful for the abundance of food that is available to you. As you begin to eat, notice the taste, texture and temperature of your food. I have heard it said that you receive the most intense flavor from the first two bites of food. So, pay attention to, savor and enjoy those first bites.

Instead of chewing and swallowing mindlessly, pay attention to chewing and notice when your food is fully ready for swallowing. Digestion begins in the mouth and you are doing your digestive system an important service by chewing your food thoroughly.

I practiced this today, and I noticed a little burst of joy in the experience. That's what I'm trying to say - en-joy.

I've noticed that when I practice this kind of attentiveness, I find joy in the simplest activities.

So, let's pay attention to life and fully en-joy it. It's passing, one way or the other. It can pass unnoticed, or it can pass with our full participation and attention.

En-joy your life experience - every facet of it - if you so choose.

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