Sunday, January 07, 2007

Miracles Happen

Almost everyone I have told this to so far believes it is mechanical failure, but this is no less than an absolute miracle.

I took my daughter to the clinic the other day with my gas gauge almost on empty. Empty is where it should have been based on the amount of driving I had done since the last time I put gas in it.

On the way home, I looked at my gas gauge to see if I would have enough gas to get home, and I was surprised to see the gas gauge read 3/4 tank. I asked my daughter to verify that the gauge read almost empty earlier and she confirmed it. She was sure someone had come and put gas in my car, but no one who had access to my car had been anywhere around during that time period.

Not only that, but I ran appointments in my car over a 50 mile range in a car that gets gas mileage in the 30's and even made it home on less than 1/16 tank that next evening - a trip that measured over 20 miles.

I had been asking for a miracle, so even though it was surprising, I have no trouble believing that a miracle is just what I got. I wonder what other miracles lie in my future?

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