Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Click "Yes to All"

Sometimes, as you're downloading a program or file, you come across something like this:

Life offers similar choices. Whenever we come face to face with what we have created, we can click "No" - resist, argue, fight with our own creation. We can click "Cancel" - deny, run away, do whatever we can to "escape".

Or we may choose to click "Yes" and move forward, one file at a time. But why not just click "Yes to All"? - take a quantum leap forward, trusting that it's all going to turn out alright.

Why keep resisting what we created? Somewhere, on some level, we have our own highest good at heart. We just sometimes take the long route to get there. And the "stuff" reflecting back at us in the mirror of life can serve as roadmaps and help us make to course corrections.

Clicking "Yes to All" can be a direct route to getting past our stuff. Just accept it. Love it for what it is. Then change course if you want to.

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