Friday, May 30, 2008

It's All Good...Yes, All Of It

Here I am, in the calm after the storm, wondering if what I have been struggling with is nothing more than ghosts from the past.

On the one hand, I firmly believe that all that's real is love and the rest is illusion. On the other hand, shouldn't that have covered the past as well? Perhaps if you experience pain at a time when you are not consciously aware that you have a choice...I should say if you repress pain instead of choosing to experience it...then at some point, you have to allow that pain to resurface so that it can be cleared.

In any case, I return to trusting in a loving Universe that supports my highest good always and in all ways. This is the truth that resonates in the depths of my heart and soul.

I choose love, for I am love, as you will find you are, if you truly get to know yourself. And I choose forgiveness, although I would have preferred non-judgment. Once one has passed judgment, forgiveness is key to becoming free.

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