Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's a Spiritual Thing

Many people and organizations have been trying for a very long time to eradicate poverty and other things that are detrimental to quality of life.

Many have given up because they find that changing someone's outward circumstances does not necessarily change a person's life. A person must be willing to change within before any real change will take place in their life.

That’s why welfare seldom works to raise people out of poverty. People must be willing to change in order to truly benefit from charity.

Whatever is within will find it's way into expression in one's outward circumstances. This is why some people can win millions of dollars and wind up broke within a short time, while others can lose fortunes and regain them in no time flat.

Just as we can't make a person wealthy by giving them money, we can't make a person generous by taking their money away.

It's a spiritual thing.

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