Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Get It

I had a total Freudian slip when I was writing out this post the first time.

I intended to write, "Attachment is suffering. It is not what other people do or don't do that causes us to suffer. It is wanting circumstances to be different from what they are." But, what I actually wrote was, "It is wanting circumstances to be different from what we are."

Interesting, because I think that is it in a nutshell. We attract what we are, or at least what we think we are. We think we want a loving relationship, but if we think we are unworthy, we attract someone who reflects our thoughts by treating us as if we are unworthy. Then, we suffer in that relationship, because we resist seeing what is being reflected back to us. We want circumstances to be different than what we are.

If someone or some relationship is reflecting back to us our sense of unworthiness, does unworthiness become the truth about us? Absolutely not! It is merely a reflection of the illusion that we are holding in our thoughts. If we think that we are unworthy, we feel unworthy, and we create the illusion of unworthiness...which must then be reflected back to us by divine law. Just as a mirror can only reflect the image projected into it, the mirror of our circumstances can only reflect what we project into it from our internal pictures.

This seems to be an annoyance, but it is actually a blessing. We become aware of what internal pictures we are holding by what we are reflecting in our life experience. This provides the perfect opportunity for changing our internal pictures from what we don't want to experience to what we do want.

At least, that's the way I see it. But what do I know?

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