Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So, That's It...

I've been noticing a lot of internal shifts lately. When fear comes to call, for instance, rather than resisting, I am merely noticing. It is becoming more natural to observe rather than react. It is becoming easier to relax into a feeling rather than fighting it.

It is interesting that I have been reading and hearing of this for several years, but I am just beginning to internalize it. It's the difference between understanding something intellectually and really "getting it".

Isn't it amazing how often we think we understand something without really "getting" it? Then, suddenly we do. The light bulb goes on. We realize how simple it is, and wonder what took us so long.

Maybe it's a matter of readiness. I noticed this when teaching my children. You can try many different ways of teaching a concept to a child, but they will not understand it until they are ready. They may be able to recite the information, perhaps even explain it. It may make perfect sense on an intellectual level, but knowledge and understanding are not the same thing.

I suppose some life lessons could be compared to raising crops. You plant the seed and for a while it appears that nothing is happening. Then, finally the tiny upshoots appear, as if by magic - the promise of the harvest to come.

In any case, it's motivation to keep planting. Even though we may not see our lives change miraculously in a moment, the harvest will come in due season.

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