Thursday, March 01, 2007

Enjoying the Journey

I did my play-out outdoors today. Yes, I said "play-out". :-) Working out didn't sound like much fun, so I chose to play-out.

As I walked outside, I was greeted by a breeze that felt so delicious on my skin and hair. Whenever I feel the wind touch my skin and play with my hair, I feel as though I am experiencing God's caress.

There are so many ways in which God gives love to us every day, if only we are aware and receptive.

What do you want in life? Why do you want it? Is it possible that whatever we desire in life, ultimately what we want is to be joyful, ecstatic, peaceful, balanced, passionate and satisfied? What if we decided to feel that way now? What if we chose to be receptive to the everyday pleasures that are generously and graciously provided for all of us? What if we took the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of gazing at the stars in the night sky, the fragrance of a gardenia blossom, the sound of the birds singing, the beauty of the sunrise or sunset?

Don't stop there. Go for everything your heart desires. But don't wait until you get those things to enjoy your life to the fullest. Enjoy each step of the journey.

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