Monday, March 12, 2007

Taking Chances

Recently, I took a chance I never thought I would have the courage to take. And I didn't get the results I was hoping for. My old programming wants to call that a mistake. But that is an error in judgment.

I took a chance. It didn't work out. So, what? I am handling it. Here I am, alive and well. It wasn't fatal.

Sure, it can be painful to fail, especially when it comes to matters that are intensely personal. But each time we take a chance, win or lose, it makes it a little easier to take more chances in the future, as long as we don't choose to retreat into the safety of our comfort zone.

That is exactly what I would have done in the past. And it was oh, so tempting to do that again. But my intuition told me to just stop and observe and I was reminded of some very interesting things about myself. For one thing, issues that I thought were resolved long ago were still operating in my subconscious mind, still ruling my life without my awareness. Now, I am aware, and I know what to work on.

For another thing, I discovered I have come a long way in my ability to handle unpleasant circumstances. I don't have to give in to the temptation to run or hide or shut down when I feel hurt or afraid. I can face down whatever is happening and know that I am bigger than any circumstance that could come my way.

Besides that, I am aware that everything is unfolding exactly as it should and that every circumstance is attracted into my life for the purpose of helping me to realize who I truly am.

There is nothing to fear. It's all good.

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