Saturday, March 03, 2007

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Recently, I began paying more attention to what I am feeling, and how I am reacting to those feelings. I was reminded by some wonderful teachers that feeling is a powerful tool for manifestation.

One of the things I realized is how often I say no to myself. No, I can't. No, I musn't. No, don't think that. No, don't feel that way. I mean, what am I, a two-year-old?

Obviously, we can't say yes to everything, but we can say yes to more.

No is such a tight, closed energy. Yes is such a delicious, expansive energy.

If, at our core, we are love, and I believe we are, we need not fear saying yes to ourselves. Love does no, harm, ever.

And so my new mantras are: Yes! Why not? and Oh, what the hell! :-)

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