Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Own Conversation With God

So, I asked God, "How can I realize the manifestation of my desires?"

And God answered, "You can start by not closing the doors I open for you."

Ouch. Staying open. It's not always easy, but it beats staying stuck. I think I'll try it.

I have a situation going on with my vehicle. I put it into the shop, expecting a relatively small expense in the car repair game. It didn't take long for the estimate to triple.

My mom asked, "How are you going to do that?" To which I answered, "The same way we always do what we have to do. We just do it."

I see it this way: I can worry and fret, and the Universe will provide for me; or I can relax and trust, and the Universe will provide for me. Either way, the provision is there, but relaxing and trusting feels a whole hell of a lot better than worrying and fretting.

Since I have never realized any benefit from worrying and fretting, why waste the energy? Now, I do believe it is important to be able to look ahead to prevent problems. It's what makes you take that second look to make sure you completely put out the fire or makes you aware not to leave the baby alone on the changing table.

But, have you ever heard of anyone increasing their income by worrying? I've never heard of anyone improving their health by worrying, either, although I have heard of people ruining their health by worrying. Now, some people find worry useful as an impetus to take action. But my question is, why not take action from a place of peace?

Worry never had any positive effect in my life that I can recall, but it did drain my energy and disturb my peace plenty of times. I can do very nicely without it, and so I will.

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