Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reiki Is Making An Honest Woman Out Of Me

Reiki is making an honest woman out of me. I was sitting at the reiki share meetup last night, talking to some of my friends, and we were discussing people who despise the opposite gender. I made the statement that we should allow everyone to stand or fall on their own merits.

It didn't hit me right then, but later I realized that I am not living in congruence with that belief. I have not been willing to trust my heart to any man because of some men that have betrayed my trust. Ouch!

I see now what is meant by bringing everything into harmony. You get to discover what you're not seeing and be brought face to face with what you're trying not to see. Yippeeee!

It's not very pleasant to discover that you are lying to yourself, but I suppose it beats continuing to lie to yourself unawares. No, I know it does.

If you want real adventure, take a journey into your self. But you'd probably rather face off with Mount Everest. It's a lot easier and less frightening.

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