Friday, June 13, 2008

Why Bother?

Relationships can present us with some of our greatest opportunities for joy and adventure. They can also present us with some of our greatest challenges and pain. So, why bother with relationships at all?

Besides the obvious fact that we each have a longing for connection, there is a greater purpose at work in our relationships, in my opinion.

I believe that we each come into one another's lives because we have gifts to share with one another. These are gifts from the Universe or God, and we are channels through which the Universe gives these gifts. Sometimes, these gifts are disguised as problems.

Sometimes, the gift is exactly what you hoped for. At other times, it is a reflection of what you don't want in your life, so that you can clarify what you do want.

Some relationships are meant to last. Others are more temporary. Being willing to let go of relationships that no longer serve our highest good is important for growth.

But how do you know whether a relationship is good for you or not? Just because a relationship is uncomfortable doesn't necessarily mean it is bad for you. Your discomfort may be a signal of growth opportunities that are presenting in your life.

To determine whether your discomfort is a sign that you need to stick around or a sign that it is time to move on, ask yourself this: do you like who you are becoming in association with this person? If you are enriched by the association, and you are doing what you can to enrich the other person's life, you may take that as a signal that you still have a purpose for being in one another's lives. If not, perhaps you have completed your purpose in one another's lives, and it is time to let go. There's no reason to let things get ugly before you part company.

At least, that's the way I see it.

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