Tuesday, June 03, 2008


It's wonderful to be back in touch with my passion.

I've only got one issue. It seems the waterworks have turned on and I can't get them turned back off. I'm crying at movies I've seen more than once, and phone calls I'm getting at work. Sheesh!

I took a call the other day about a teenager who was in an accident and is now paraplegic. It broke my heart. And another from a lady who was 34 weeks pregnant and rushing to the emergency room because she was bleeding.

I've always practiced compassion, but I'm supposed to keep emotional distance at work. Oh, well.

But who knows? Maybe they came to my attention so that I could pray for them and send them light. I did what I could.

I always say tears are liquid passion, but puhleeease. I'm going to have to carry around an IV to keep my fluid balance if this doesn't ease up.

I'm pretty sure it will all even out soon, though, but if you find me somewhere with hot, flushed skin and a racing pulse, those are symptoms of dehydration. Call 911. And give me that bottle of water. I need it more than you do.

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  1. Caitlin5:24 PM

    Yeah! I'm going through the SAME thing. Including just crying because something is beautiful. I used to rarely cry and now I cry every time I am moved by deep emotion. The more work i do...seeking truth...the more this is the case, so I'm rolling with it, and not judging. Pass the IV!


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