Saturday, June 14, 2008

What Then, Stump?

Normally, I am a fan of maximizing efficiency rather than maximizing effort.

Work smart, not hard.

But every now and then, it feels good just to go at a task with everything you've got and power through it.

That's how it felt working that stump out of the ground with my mother in her garden.

It was tough, but I was thinking, "Hell, no! You are not going to win. I guess nobody warned you about throwing down with a Jones woman". We are nothing if not persistent, determined, and okay, downright stubborn, and my mother only has full use of one leg. Do you think that stopped her? Ha!

It took us an hour to get that blasted stump out of the ground, and I broke a shovel handle in the process, but it felt so good when we finally whooped it.

As my daughter is fond of saying, What then?

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